Do Not Sell My Personal Information

You can opt out of App Science®’s sale of Personal Information about you and of receiving targeted Sabio and App Science® ads, as well as request the deletion of Personal Information about you that we hold in our systems by submitting the form below:

We will respond to your request to know as soon as reasonably possible and within ten (10) days. We may ask for additional identifying information in order to verify your identity. Should we not be in a position to respond to your request to know within forty-five (45) days after receiving your request, for example because we cannot verify your identity, we will inform you in writing within forty-five (45) days of the time by which we will be able to respond to your request. If we are unable to provide you with the categories of Personal Information requested by you, we shall generally inform you of the reasons why we are unable to do so (except where we are not required to do so under applicable law).

Cookie and Device Identifier Opt-Out

Filling out the above webform will not opt you out of interest-based advertising using cookies and other device identifiers, which may also be a sale.

California law (CCPA) broadly defines “sale” of personal information in a way that may include allowing third parties to receive certain information to add to a profile about your device, browser, or you. This profile enables interest-based advertising on applicable NBCUniversal services and other online services.

Digital Advertising Alliance (“DAA”) Opt-Out Tools

The Digital Advertising Alliance (“DAA”) provides you with a choice as to whether participating third parties can use your information to provide interest-based advertising. To opt out of sharing your information with such participating third parties for interest-based advertising, please use the following tools:

  • For websites: the DAA WebChoices Tool, available at
  • For mobile applications and connected devices, such as smart TVs or streaming devices, you should review the device’s settings and select the option that allows you to disable automatic content recognition or ad tracking. Typically, to opt out, such devices require you to select options like “limit ad tracking” or to disable options such as “interest-based advertising,” “interactive TV,” or “smart interactivity”. These settings vary by device type.

When enabling advertising opt-out tools please understand the following:

  • The opt-outs described above are device and browser based. Because the information being shared relates to your device ID and/or browser ID, you will need to opt out on each device and each browser.
  • Opt-outs may be stored via cookies. If you clear cookies or if your browser blocks cookies, your opt-out cookie may no longer be available. In this case your opt-out choices can not be honored.

We do not maintain or control these opt-out mechanisms and are not responsible for their operation. We may still use your data to deliver contextual advertising, conduct cross-device tracking to serve you first-party ads directly, or for non-interest-based advertising purposes, such as attribution and analytics.

About App Science

App Science measures OTT data & provides actionable insights in one easy-to-use platform. Leading brands and agencies use App Science to measure, analyze and improve their campaigns with proprietary insights from our proprietary household graph of 300 million mobile devices and 110 million connected TV households. App Science is a holding of Sabio, Inc., a Los Angeles-based media and technology company. For more information, visit

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